“Wuguang Friends,So domineering,Do you want to stop talking?”The face of the congenital Taoist has changed several times,Finally couldn’t help but ask,But his eyes looked at Dayan next to him。

“Fellow,Everything needs to talk and talk,Can’t force it,I did not know the core clues you have,Don’t speculate,So goodbye。”Dayan sneered,He is not afraid of the Great Asura,But right‘Nirvana handkerchief’But quite jealous,Seeing a congenital Taoist pick the head,It’s better to decide to leave as soon as possible。
“Wait a minute,Do not misunderstand Daoists,If there is something wrong with the talent,Wuguang first apologized。”The Great Asura God quickly got up,“It’s just that people are too dark,A little carelessness will make mistakes,That’s why Wuguang is so cautious,But if you say this person’s name,Daoists will be interested。”
“Dayan,The old man has nothing to do with your metaworld,Why be so careful?”this time‘Nirvana handkerchief’Much quieter,Only the big mouth in the center speaks,Countless mouths seem to be unified,At this moment‘Nirvana handkerchief’Is the most terrible time,Li Tianzhi confronted twice with it,All escaped when it was chaotic,The timing is important,Luck is also good to get home。
“Master Xuanji really has something to do,No delay。Guilty,Guilty。”Seeing Dayan was tried to keep him,Seems to have been moved,Congenital Taoist panicked,Rush to start‘Nirvana handkerchief’Squeeze by,But almost crashed into a big mouth that appeared out of thin air。
This mouth is extremely disgusting,Teeth are like withered pointed stumps,Random,Sewage inside、Mucus cross flow、Carrion,Smelly,Although the innate Taoist urges the body guard,http://www.btsushi.cnBut almost fainted,Sacrifice the magic weapon in a hurry‘Splendid Cloak’,But see Xiaguang Wandao,A faintly colored flame rises all over the body,Immediately burned the corruption away。
Xiantian Taoist is about to urge Zhenyuan,All the power of the cloak is activated in one effort,To shatter this nasty mouth,Unexpectedly, a brighter light blooms in front of you,An old Taoist priest appeared in the light,Hold the whisk and smile,“Disciple,Why are you so flustered?”
“what?!”Congenital Taoist was shocked,I haven’t realized how Master Xuanji appeared in this mouth.,I saw the old man’s wrist shake,The silver wire of the whisk soars,Rushed towards him overwhelmingly。
fake!Innate Taoists are true immortals after all,Amazing,I immediately realized that this is an illusion,Tongue Chunlei shouted,“open!”
that‘Splendid Cloak’Burst into a hot glow,The terrifying fireworks overflowed all http://www.yesdance.cn around,Blast in an instant,Bang,Lao Dao and the dust were all blown to pieces,Even that nasty mouth is not spared,The rotten meat flies into ashes and annihilates in the foul smell。
But the congenital Taoist is not yet relieved,A more disgusting big mouth suddenly appeared before him,All kinds of pus and saliva tumbling,The huge and thick tongue is like a snake covered in carrion,Ran into him quickly,Congenital Taoist scalp tingling,‘Splendid Cloak’It takes time to condense the true essence again,It’s too late to block with other means,damn‘Perish’The old thief had planned,Obviously reserved a lot of back-hands,Seeing to be hit by this giant python。
“Daoists please keep your hands!”With Dayan cried out,A phantom moves horizontally,Incredible speed,Just before the python collided and stopped in front of the Xiantian Taoist,This impact is not trivial,There is no sign of keeping hands,With the dull sound,The entire high platform of the Asura Throne is shaking,Dayan’s phantom was suddenly crushed,And the python with its tongue turned into nothingness quickly,Obviously,‘Nirvana handkerchief’This blow wants to survive and destroy the innate Taoist,It shows that his heart is cruel。
After the innate Taoist is scared,Froze on the spot,I’m so angry but I don’t dare to attack,But Dayan’s expression is more solemn,Just now for the first time in a hurry‘Nirvana handkerchief’Head-to-head and suffered a loss,The projection of a clone of myself was easily broken,So judge,The magical power and cultivation of this monster is still above estimates,I’m afraid I can’t be kind today。
“Ho ho,Ho ho,Ho。”
“Yo,Roar,Hee hee hee……”
‘Nirvana handkerchief’The countless open mouths on the head suddenly burst into unbridled laughter,Especially the ugly mouth below the center,Laughing is even more difficult to control,It’s very much like the mouth that attacked the innate Taoist just now,The great Shura on the side is light and light,And Dimoro and his companions also echoed dry laugh in horror,Just laugh more,My heart gets hairier。