Crash,Three people have a while。

Lu Hao Cheng and Lan Xin,The banquet has not ended yet。
Lan Xin eats almost,Get up to the bathroom,She is actually very mood.,After Gu Yi called her,She has been worried about the big brother。
After coming out from the bathroom,She has encountered Song Nii。
Just Song Ni Xi first saw her。
“Blue Xin Miss。”
Blue Xin heard the voice,Only look back to Song Ni。
“Miss Song。”She smiles shallow。
Song Ni, a pair of bright, quietly taking the Blue Xin,Blue Xin is not the very amazing woman,She looks very little woman,That kind of woman who loves to love,Especially when she laughed,A pair of big eyes are flashing,Such a woman is indeed a type of man who likes men.。
Unmoy,low key,Beauty is just right,But there is a kind of feeling more beautiful.。
Blue Xin looked at her eyes some different,The smile is slightly converged。
“Blue Xin Miss,You are the girl in Xi Xixi.,You are married,I shouldn’t affect his emotions in front of the Xi Xi.,Not?”Song Ni smiled at her,The big eyes of the black and white are full of innocent。
She is very confident about her own appearance.,Xi Xi will be with her,No matter who is in his heart。
Blue Xin looked at her,Not talking,She is actually the most fear of the girlfriend of Xi Xi.,In addition to something,She really rarely saw the Xi Xi.。
NS1776chapter:Lu Shi Group acquired Li’s Group
But she is,Listen in Blue Xin,Is a warning and provocative,True love is not guilty,Xi Xi is correct,She is not wrong,Wrong is wrong between them。
Blue Xin laughs:“Miss Song looks very confident,Since it is necessary,Why do you mean my existence??”
She is impossible to become a stranger with Xi Xi.,First,She is a good sister.,second,Her and Zhu Xi,Be a graceful,If it is a single side, I don’t want to see her.,So,She really will not see the Xi Xi.。
Song Ni,Stunned。
She is very confident,Her self-confidence comes from this woman will not appear in the world of Xixi。
“Blue Xin Miss,I am actually very mindful of your existence.,Xi Xi is perfect in my heart,I hope he has a happy future.。”
Blue Xin listen this,Laugh,When she saw this girl,Thinking of this girl is quite simple,Now it seems,Not so simple。
“You are not like this in front of Yuxi.。 ”Blue Xin laughs,Wonderful。
“Yes,She is what I like.,In front of him,I am natural and gentle.。 ”Song Ni is very refreshing。
Blue Xin is deeply sighing,Xi Xi is not stupid,She can see,熙 can also see,“I still have something,I’m leaving。”
Blue Xin has just turned,Song Ni’s voice:“Blue Xin Miss,I hope that you will tell me what I just said in my heart.。”
Blue Xin’s footsteps,There is no talk,Fast back the banquet。
Song Naughi sighed,Just going to go,I saw that Le Zhenxi looked at her not far away.,She looked nervously,When did he come?,Just now, have he heard it??
Le Zhen Xi is a slightly disappointed look at her,Turn away。
Song Ni is nervously looked at Le Xi’s back,He still heard it.。
“Xi Xi。”Song Ni ran and chased past。