These people join hands together,I want to pull Shen Xuan from this position.。

But unfortunately,They failed。
Because Shen Xuan,I will not give them this opportunity.,And I also sent them to prison.。
“after,Arrange a few people stay here,Alternative to the legal department here。”
Previously, there were people who also have a legal department.,but,The Minister of the Ministry of Levity also gave Shen Xuan。
So those people in the Legal Department,Shen Xuan is actually trustworthy。
Just right,Shen Xuan acquired Li Qingyi’s law firm,So just arrange it in it.。
Li Qingyi and others nodded,Can become a company,Is their dreams。
After all, this is,They can also get the dividend of the company every year.。
and,Be responsible for,In fact, it is not a big thing.,Compare them in the law firm,More comfortable。
Shen Xuan looks to Li Qingyi,Tangible:“Don’t feel unexpected,You are all my people,I won’t treat you.。”
I heard Shen Xuan said so.,Li Qingyi is moving。
Can follow such a handsome boss,And he just said,You are his person?
If you think about it,Li Qingyi’s heart,Suddenly I feel very happy。
As for Shen Xuan,I don’t know what Li Qingyi is thinking.。
Look for a while,Shen Xuan continued:“As for your dividends,When the company is here every quarter,Will hit your account。”
“In addition to these,It is also common to give you some operations and activities.。”
With Shen Xuan finished,This,Li Qingyi and others are excited.。
So handsome little brother,And still thinking about them so good?
This moment,I don’t know what to say, I don’t know what to say.。
But this time,Shen Xuan like something suddenly。
“correct,Let you have some investigations before.,How is your investigation??”
Before,Shen Xuan, but let these people go to investigate some,so now,Shen Xuan wants to know how the result is。
And Li Qingyi,It’s a sudden smile.。
“boss,Fortunately, you let me investigate。”
“Don’t check,It is still working together with the Halloya Group and the Wang family.。”
“and,The Wang family is interested in the Dao Tai Group.,Even I want to enter the share and even the acquisition。”
I heard Li Qingyi said,Shenxuan’s heart,Suddenly I feel that this is not very good.。
If you really said in Li Qingyi,Then this matter,It is really awkward。
But this,In fact itself,It seems http://www.riguangfadian.cnstill not enough。
After reading it for a while,Shen Xuan is very calm。