“Boss Lin with which woman you met last night,Forced to ask me the purpose of coming to Melanz,And even threatened to say that if we don’t follow the rules,Don’t talk about the goods,Don’t even think about leaving“Xia Jian lowered his voice and said。

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Xia Jianyi said this,Xi Zhen and Han Juan were also blindfolded。
after awhile,Han Juan http://www.zolcorp.cn seems to remember something,She smiled and said:“It seems boss Lin sees us as coming here for business。From the current situation,I didn’t explain it clearly to them“
“If the explanation is not clear, there is no need to explain it temporarily,As the saying goes。What’s the situation with you two?”Xia Jian said,I asked about Han Juan and Xi Zhen。
Xi Zhen glanced at Han Juan and did not speak,Han Juan said with a smile:“We just drove out from here,I found someone was following,Always not far or near。Of course I drove the car to play with them,If it’s not for fear of not finding a gas station,I will lead them to run all afternoon”
What Han Juan said,Xia Jian remembered,He seems to see a gas station in the west of town,When he was about to say,Han Juan said with a smile:“Not afraid now,The problem of refueling has been solved”
“Can you know,Who http://www.sure-56.cn are they?”Xia Jian asked Han Juan again。
Han Juan thought for a while and said:“From the current situation,Don’t know what they want to do,But it can be seen,These people are not professional,We know when they move”
“it is good!In this case,It seems that Melanz is not easy to stay long,After I meet Xiao Xiao again tonight,Let’s leave here early,So as not to have long nights and dreams”Xia Hahe smiled and said。
Xi Zhen stretched and said:“Exhausted,I think we should rest for a while,Xia always goes out at night,We both should be bait again”Xi Zhen said,Opened the door and left。
Han Juan thought for a while and said:“President Xia!Go out at night,must be careful,If i am not wrong,This boss Lin and the people who followed us today may have to do something”