European:“so,Emotional world,only love,No right,The heart should be so thinking about it.。 ”

“If I am a deep word,I will not forgive her in this life.。”
Blue Xin’s sound is mixed with an anger。
Lu Hao Cheng:“For forest depths,This is a love of her to death.,For the Larritice,This is just his transaction.。”
“so,There are no men who have a man who reaches it.。”
Lu Haoheng Ou Jing:“”We are all good men who are relying on。
“fool,I am reliable for you.?”
Lu Hao is a gloomy face looks at her.。
Blue Xin is somewhat ignorant,“Who knows?,There are many changes in this life in this life.,Many things have changed.。”
“Your girl”Lu Haozheng。
If it is Ou Jing, here is here,He must pay her on the ground。
“Gimmick,I am from these people.,Mind is you,Everything is your heart.,What else is not satisfied??”
“hehe”Blue Xin can’t help but laugh,Looking at the face of two big men is not very good,“I didn’t say you both.。
in my heart,Several good friends are good men who are relying on,I am talking about other men.,You do your own yourself.。”
Lu Hao Cheng,European:“”This is easy to be misunderstood。
“All right,Don’t say anything else,Let’s see these information first.。”
“Your husband and wife are slowly,Basically, I have already mastered it.,I will go back to the office,I still have other things.。”
Ou Jingzhen starts to leave。
Sudden,Cell phone rang。
He looked down at it.,Pick up the phone。
“Let her come directly to the 25th floor。”
He looked at Lu Hao after the phone:“Qing Dynasty。”
Lu Haocheng looked at Blue Xin,“Blue,Qing Tang is now your private assistant,I let her come over and http://www.victoriafashion.cnprotect you.,She has been secretly training these years,It is very good。”
Lan Xin nodded,It is special period now,She must protect myself,In order to let the A Cheng started to make a hand。
“it is good!”
Someone protects her,Be more convenient to start。
After a few minutes,The door of the office is ringing。
“Come in。”
Ou Jing, faint。
Follow,A body slim,Women wearing a black winter leather woman’s momentum is coming in,Women belongs to the kind of bone,The five senses are not beautiful,But absolute sexy charming,Tail,Out of the face of charming and Zhang Yang,Remarkable。
She stands not far away,Slight lower。
“European secretary,Continental,lady。”
Sound cold and no feelings。