Chapter 1,377 Before leaving

NS1377Leave before leaving
“good,This should be。Please search for everyone()Most!The fastest update”The greedy saint heard the opponent:“They are very extraordinary in the world.。”
“depressed,These three people do not say。”Lin Feng wrote a word。
“Don’t blame them,They have no recovery。”The wolf saint heard the words:“These gods are in the instinct.,They are very careful,I am afraid that I will check my memory by big crane.。”
“so it is。”Lin Fengnan whispered:“Emperor,There is a different interrogation when you are under the lower bound.,Yuan Zhen Tianwang’s one-level three clear can’t teach the lower bound,But it appears in the lower bound,It is the Tiger King to give us。”
“indeed,This is only circulating in the gods.,And in addition to the people,Other can’t practice,Or some blood veins。”Greedy saints explained。
“They all。”Lin Feng explained。
“This shows that there are also some people’s blood in their body.,This is nothing unfortunate,In the year, the Yuan Tian Wang Fenghua,Sweater,Many admirers,This includes Suzaku,Xuanwu,White Tiger and other big。”Greedy saint smiles。
“so it is,Yuan Shi Tian Wang,Yuan Shi Tian Wang……”Lin Feng looks at the depths of the gods of the gods.。
“Old man,Mother’s identity is not simple。”At this time, Lin Yu suddenly,The mother he said here refers to the evil.。
“Maybe。”Lin Feng sorrows:“All right,do not think too much about it,Past things have been destined,The only thing that can change is the future。”Lin Feng carries the hands and laughs。
“you are wrong,Over the past can change。”The greedy saint shook his head to correct the road。
“Over the past can change?”Lin Feng heard the words:“Time countercurrent?”
“good,Solemn,God already has the power to go backwards.。”Greedy saints explained:“Therefore, it is also possible to change the past。”
“In the past, if it changed,Is there still existence??”Lin Feng shook his head smiles:“Let it go,This is not the problem we considered for the time being.。”
“it is good!”
Growing wolf a big sleeve,The figure of Lin Feng son is included there,Then afterwards have disappeared in the void。
Soon returned to the bloody city,Wolf palace,Desert area in the Greedy Palace,Eleven figures are busy,This eleven is Tobus,Yamamoto Yuto, etc.。
Eleven people have a powerful breath,close2000Years of years,They have not progress,Stay in stars,Be near2000Years of years,Their bodies are growing。
Devouring the blood of Xuanhuang in Lin Feng every other period of time,Essentially their physical strength is not under the vitality of Xuan Huang。
Eleven won around a table,This table is round 100 meters,The above dense numbness is drawn.,It is a piece of human body drawings。
“Difficulty,Difficulty。”Tolski horns reveals bitter smiles:“The next realm is not good。”
“good,The difficulty is too difficult。”Yamamoto,Krevo et al. Also shakes his head.:“As Xiaofeng said,There should be a small realm between stars and white stranges.,In this way, you can safely transition to Bai Star.。”
“good,I am afraid that I can’t speculate in theory。”Torsema explanation:“Waiting for Xiao Feng back,We go to the depths of the North.,Go to those stars to see。”
“good,We have these observations come from the lower bound,Observe a sun and a greedy to make a simple judgment,Inevastation。”Yamamoto 鸠 闻 闻 头 头。
“Ok,Waiting for Xiao Feng back。”Tolsmum smiles:“Let’s go out to stroll,One more,It’s too long here.。”
“I,Tolsmu,This is not a long,How many gods do you look at daily burning?,Can’t waste。”Krevo laughs。
“Hey,Suddenly, I miss it.。”Tolsmu suddenly sigh。
“This simple,We can build the bloody city according to the pattern of the lower bound,Manufacturing satellite,Make a mobile phone,Make a computer,Manufacturing various modern technology。”Yamamoto, smile。
“I,At that time, these bigiers in the gods certainly use our communication services.。”Krevo’s face fantasy:“Do not leave home,You can chat talking,Negotiate。”
“Krevo,You are an illusion,Those gods in the gods are very horrible,Waving torn space,I don’t have it directly.。”Yamamoto, smile。
“Tearing space consumption,Whose strength is easy?”Krevo laughs。
“I feel that this method is feasible.。”At this time, Lin Feng’s voice came from the void.。
He followed Lin Yu。
“Small feather!”