She whispered,“In fact,I am attacked by people.,Ah……”She is self-sorting,“At that time, I was already 凡,In fact, it is not sneak attack.,But I am doing that person,Just when I am caught in the crisis,Black woman appears,Man hit me,Save me。”

Summer looks in an instant。
Thoughts,Various thoughts,Think of many。
“You already,But the person who has smashed,And the black woman retreats to people of sneak attack.,This……Jiyi,Do they have reached a higher level of realm?
There is also a road over the cave?”
Ji Bao bottle nodded,So that shakes the head。
“I thought I think so.,Later I learned,They are still the realm of cave,But they are far away。”
Merely,She spit out a sigh,“Just like 凡,Union is not a realm,Just even more pure,Still belong to the cave,But there is still something between 凡,No illegal and no scale, respectively。”
Summer rushed to the gods。
“Refine the endless interest,Just like a bottle of turbid water,This is no leak,But the bottom of the water still has a precipitate,Those magazine sediments still belong to us themselves,Only exclude these magazines,Is nothing,to be exact,Although Gano and my sister, although the same is even,But Gano is no leak,And my sister is odd,So you can win him。”
Listen to her,Slightly meditated in summer,Can understand very well。
But gave birth to new doubts。
“That sneaks you.,There is also black woman,Even the black man attacked my black,And the old man who saved Gobi,Obvious strength is more,Moreover……The old hike in the ancient master has a property of the property.,Become burst,This is a breakthrough.。”
Ji Baotao said,“I don’t know much about it.,But the sister once said,No illegal and no scale,How to go,Just look at the individual’s understanding,E.g,The sister broke through,The cell has a burst of attributes,And that black woman,In fact, the same as the breakthrough,But she receives this,It has been immersed for many years.。”
Summary in the eyes of summer,“Behind the back,The harder breakthrough,The road has come to the extreme,Go to the end,Advances in each small stair,It’s all better than the big realm.。”
“Is such that。”
Ji Baobao bottle is deeply nodded,“Regression,About black women,Also I met at that time,And she asked me to thank the rescue,Let me make a lot of changes。”
“Uh……She asked you to repay the rescue?”
Summer look。
“Yes,She take the initiative to ask me to repay。”
Ji Bao bottle spit out a sigh,“Let me imitate her words and deeds,Even if you want to make your mother’s summer nine,White yarn cover……I still remember that, you are a big gain.,In the dark,Someone breaks through the sacred,I took a Tian Yujian,The sword originally belongs to your mother……In fact, I am in the dark.。”
She will speaking to the ancient sea,Also reviewed to the summer。
finally,Welcome to the summer,Say,“I don’t know so far.,Why do she do that,Before my sister suspected,She will not be your mother’s summer,Maybe she has not fallen.,Can last deny this guess,it is known,Your mother is ivory in self-cultivation,And put the ashes in the dark to your father,and,Even if your mother is not falling,Short of decades,It is impossible to be strong to this situation。”
Summer silence,Do not speak。
He suddenly remembered,At that time, the scene was falling.,Two secrets。
Rushing,Suspected that your mother is so late,And he has been hiding in the secret phase。
Summer heart is naturally lucky。
But many proves are placed in front,Let him have to accept the fact。
but,Why do you want to do that?。
Whether it makes the Ji Bao bottle to pretend to be a mother, Xia Jiu,Still robbing Tian Yujian,Are associated with Xia Jiuwei……See him,Ji Baotao said,“I also had a lot of speculation.,And also prove。”
Summer looks up。
“I am from the law enforcement,It is likely to be at some point,She plays my appearance,Mid,If it is exposed,I just block the arrow。”
Summer is not fully recognized,It is considered deeper destination purposes。
If you have the opportunity to see the black woman next time,Maybe you can face a question。
“So to say,She is at least standing on our side.?”