“We are willing to go,Are you taking it??”

Say,Jiang Shuyan is directly left。
Just waiting for her to leave,Zhao Yongyi is a look that several youth will give them directly.。
“Hey-hey,We don’t have,But what you are boyfriend, we can manage.。”
I heard this,Zhang Duo is suffering,I don’t know how it is good.。
And Jiang Shuyan directly cold and cold:“He is just my friend,Not a boyfriend,Don’t talk。”
“Hey-hey,Now I think I’m starting with him.?
late,Give you two roads,Go to Yue tonightKTVFind me,I will not multi-tube after your work.,Remember girlfriends with you,Of course, if you don’t want to make money,I can’t do it too.,I don’t want to go tonight.。”
Zhao Yong’s words,Let Zhang a lot of want to cry without tears。
He also didn’t think that he would actually be so unfortunate.,Actually met each other again。
“Gong brother,She is really not my girlfriend,Just now, I am not talking about words.,And the work of the project,Our boss came back.,I also said it is not enough.。”
Your boss?
Ready to take your boss?
Letter don’t believe that Xiaoye now lets you know what is regret?”
Say,Zhao Yong http://www.crosh.cn took a slap in the face of a lot of faces。
Zhang Duo said this slap is not only angry,Instead, it is more brilliant.。
See this scene,Jiang Shuyan suddenly felt some sadness,I even feel a little pitiful.,There is no courage to fight against resistance.,Be called,That feeling is like a breather.。
“Gong brother,I know,But I am really good.,Our boss is really coming back.。”
“never mind,I don’t talk nonsense with you.,You will wait for me with your girlfriend.,Don’t want to escape,Otherwise I will let you eat。”
Zhang Duo heard this, it was necessary to pull Jiang Shuya to the old man’s work.。
But Jiang Shuyan is directly got a lot of hands.,Cold-cold road:“Do not touch me,You are too big.,And you didn’t see them in bullying that uncle??”
Zhang Duo heard the words of Jiang Shuyan,Also a glimpse,At the same time, http://www.solerose.cn it is also angry.。
After all, he is doing this to help each other.,As a result, the other party not only does not have a confrontation and also says him.,This makes him some accept it.。
“If you want to help, I will not stop.,But several of them can be related,And shot,If you don’t want to find trouble, you will hurry with me.。”
“Humph,You are waiting there.,I want to help the uncle.。”
Say,Jiang Shuyan directly went to the place of fried strokes.。
At this time, Zhao Yong is talking to a man who is fried.,A face of sarcasm。
“Golden boss,How do I say that I am also mixed with you?,So give your face.,Don’t let me be difficult,Otherwise, you can’t keep your fingers in your hand.。”
Jin Xijie looked at Zhao Yong coldly.,road:“This is what you mean,Or you mean the meaning of people above?
One of you is really a good hand of the falling stone.,How do you want to hurry??
I don’t even make me do this little business.?”
“Hey-hey,Who does it mean??
The important thing is that people around you are gone.,And you haven’t been so fierce now.,Give people a dog people,You said sadness and sorrow?”
Listening to Zhao Yong’s words,Jin Xijie works hard to control his emotions,Laugh:“Say,How can I stay?,I have no other place for the time being.,And here there is my own thing to do。”