I didn’t think that the other party directly took the zipper behind her.。

“Hey-hey,What do you say I do??
Hello cooperation with me,From now on, you are definitely in this circle.,There are several scripts in my hands.,Li Jia invests, I guarantee that the woman is you,When you arrive, you can’t think of it.。”
“But if you don’t listen,It’s more than http://www.cyber-dj.com.cn yourself to lose tonight.,In the future, you can’t mix it.。”
Say,For convenience is a to hold each other。
But it is directly by the other side a big mouth.。
“Surrounded by Zhou,Don’t think that the old lady is afraid of you.,Didn’t I go back to the place,Just your name,The old lady is not rare。”
Li Huihe heard this some familiar and spicy,The heart is also a glimpse,Hurry up and walk towards next door。
“Surrounded weekly,You don’t want this way,I beg you。”
“I’m wrong,Really don’t want,I don’t want this.。”
Faced with the more and more flustered sound,Zhou Jian is more exciting。
“Hey-hey,But I just like this.,Your figure,Your skin is really I have ever seen the best actress.,Especially the charm of your body,Are those actresses,From me,Just from me,What do you want to play?。”
嗤 This time,The dress on the other party is directly torn by Zhou Jian.。
Seeing the other party helpless covering the chest,That pair of jumping eyes, looking out,It is also a TZ Jian feels the mouth of the mouth.。
“Circumstances,I don’t dare.,Let me let me.,I am really wrong.,I really think that for the script。”
“Hey-hey,It’s late now.,The sound insulation of this room is very good.,Don’t think about yelling。”
I heard the question,Li Yingying is simply a bit of life.。
“okay,You don’t have it.,The female star sleeping is not a two.,Among them, many famous big names,Now fire,Laozi did not want them,My reputation is still guaranteed by reputation.,And you should also feel it all.” “In fact, there is already a medicinal drink for your drink.,Of course, I also drink.,So tonight, it is good to play with the old man.!Otherwise, is it or you,I can call a group of sisters now.。”
Said Zhou Jian also started to take off。
See Zhou Jian offecess,Li Yingying directly pear flower with rain。
“no,Can not,let me out,I want to go out。”
Looking at the other party, you will run away from the door.,Zhou Jian also laughed。
“What do you think??
Drinking you,I still want to run?
I will ask me for a while.。”
Just when he just walked to the door,But it is found that the door is actually opened.。
The first thousand and http://www.ctigaojie.cn forty-four chapters will save
Zhou Jian directly stunned,The lock of the door, he is in person with oneself,And there is no key to do not open。
But now, it is so easy to open it.?
Li Hui Feng opens a moment,Also instantly feels nosebleed。
In the eye is a pair of tofu。
The clothes on the other party have not been almost,And a black lace trousers is everywhere.。
When you see the beautiful face of the other party,Li Hui Rong is stunning with each other.。