Said that women talk to fall in love,Can instantly pure,And men talking about love,Will be more and more effort。

Look at her,I am stupid that he has brought her hurt.。
“You said this is quite right.,It is very important to mine out before marriage。”
Lu Yuli felt that sweat was erected.。
“Why do you want to mine before marriage??We are all understanding,My parents you also know,You are also very clear about my family.。”
子 指 指 他,Strictly:“I am not very familiar with you.,You go abroad for many years,My cognition for you,All are from the network,There is also some news that Kiki told me.,Can you be a bit patience??”
“Oh!”Lu Yuli wants to say,I have always been very patient.。
But don’t you refuse me??
“Bamboo!Lu Lanran,I found that this coffee is really good.。”The scorpion is still a bit.,She likes a bitter taste,There are not many sugar plus,Drinking taste is right。
Lu Yuli wrote down the location of the coffee shop,And her points。
Future wife likes,I have to record it.,When you quarrel with your wife,In order to change the words of the woman happy。
Neither,Lu Lanran,Your bastard,what are you thinking about?Not your wife?,Just thinking about how to quarrel?
Lu Yuli wants to cut off this seven-eight-year-old ideas:“Swallow,The hot milk you give me is also very good.。”
子 看 眼 眼 牛 牛 牛 牛,Slightly laughing:“This is indeed hot milk,It should be very good,http://www.333ct.cnBut have you sure you have done??”
Lu Yuli bowed looking at the bottom of the cup,Clean。
Lu Lanran:“.”
Good to drink a ghost!
He got up,I plan to drink one breath.。
“Hink。”Lu Yuli felt that the tongue was numb,Milk in the mouth sprayed a table。
子 惊 惊,Hurry and stand up,Hold the paper towel to help him。
“Stupid,Lu Lanran,Don’t you do something well??”子 白 白 牛,Gasless。
How can there be such a childish man。
The people who have a higher evil spirits of Lu Second have collapsed.。
Lu Qiran also felt that he was really naive,Do you want to say that you will become a big fool??
He is still a big fool than big fools.。
“Lu Lanran,Nothing.,Is there been hot??”
Lu Yuli has a little red shake his head.,“Not!”
He also picked up the paper towel,Wipe the milk on your clothes。
This feels that you are not a childish problem.,But stupid。
After the waiter saw,Also hurry to cut the tools。
Lu Yuli is very embarrassed,Just leaving。
Café,Lu Qiran proposal:“Swallow,Let’s walk away.,Are you not nothing today??”
Zi Zi Shu side glanced at him,Pike,Joyless。
Land, Lu Ji, is really more and more relying on her.。