How can http://www.eddanet.cnyou stare at people like this。 After all, the two are pure in their souls,But there is still a physical relationship。
“Cough,Can that count as marriage??”Zhu Minglang, in order to relieve the embarrassment,Jokingly。
“can。”Li Xinghua nodded seriously。
“What an algorithm?”Zhu Minglang raised his eyebrows。
“Who do you want to know?”
“Of course my own……No no no,Don’t count mine,Count the clouds,Wait,Wait,I’ll think it over,Ok,I am actually a little worried,If the result is not what I thought,Still don’t ask,Add a sense of mystery and anticipation,Know everything,Life will be boring。”Zhu Minglang said。。
Li Xing hesitated to see Zhu Minglang in this painting、Look anxious,Can’t help but smile。
Looking at Li Xinghua with a smile,Zhu Minglang couldn’t help but look at it a few more times。
The star painting girl has a gentle smile,Very kind,Also beautiful,It seems to treat everyone around you the same way。
She won’t be like an iceberg beauty,Quiet words,Reject people thousands of miles away。
She speaks softly like a neighbor’s warm-hearted sister,Somewhat implicit,But not left out,It does match the look of a lady。
Although she knows everything,But there is always a mysterious atmosphere shrouded in his body,It’s like her deep and blurred eyes,Make it impossible to see the real world inside her。
Outside the Inn,There are not many pedestrians。
The people in the inn also returned to their rooms。
Zhu Minglang and Li Xinghua sit quietly in the courtyard,Starry sky surrounded by eaves,As beautiful as a cornucopia。
“Star painting girl,It may be offensive to ask,But i still want to know,Since you can predict,What about Wutu Yongcheng,Can you avoid it too??”Zhu Minglang looked at Li Xing’s eyes and asked。