Jinghui picked it up soon,Xie Yun’s tone is very peaceful,“I saw your homework the other day,The painting is ok,Does my uncle like it?”

“I don’t know yet,After handing in,I didn’t have time to ask,Was called home.”Jinghui’s tone over there,Full of impatient,“Tell me that the old lady is not feeling well,I am worried that something is wrong suddenly,Can’t see me.But i’ve been home so long,The old lady eats more than me every day,Just don’t go out and see people,I said go in and take a look,Not good.I suspect the old lady is pretending to be sick.”
Jinghui was really choking at home,“But my dad still said I’m not sensible,Big and small now,All at home,So noisy.Do you have a way to pick me up?Take me out,Can’t make it?Just say that Master is looking for me.”
Xie Yunchu has already connected the video with Baby Ou,Silently gave Ou Baobao a look,Talk back to Jing,“I’ll find someone to pick you up,But if you can’t get out,I can’t help it。Maybe something else in your house,You inquire first,In case something happens,You run out alone,How bad.”
“I asked!!”Jinghui voice,Really broke down,“They all say that the old lady is in poor health,But I secretly went to see the old lady’s food,Really eat a lot。I’ll talk to Jing,Is the old lady pretending to be sick?,In the end, Jing said he saw that the old lady was really sick.I don’t know who to believe now,I can’t lie to myself,That Jing came to lie to me?Why he lied to me.”
Follow the voice down,“The family really came back。I saw that Pei Huan the other day,Is the brother of my cousin。Haven’t seen it these days,Said it was gone again。He is not my family,He walks normally,But why is he here??The old lady is really bad,Want to see him?My old lady always doesn’t like Pei Huan,Because he looks so much like his dad.”
Jing Hui sighed,“If you are convenient,Help me inquire outside,My most capable friend is you.The grandson threw you in the imperial capital,You are alone?”
“.”Xie Yun rolled his eyes secretly,Jinghui’s brain grows on the brush,Other things,Really is,stupid。Very few people dare to tease him with a treasure,But Jinghui who doesn’t have the eye to see is just one。Didn’t he know that he likes his relatives,Just joking。But this kind of thoughtless joke,But straight,Poked his lung tube.
Baby Ou covers her mouth and smiles,She knows a little bit about Jinghui’s personality,The uncle Xie Yunchu is the same kind of people,Are a little bit non-eating,Thinking about drawing,Is a painter。But did not expect,I can get to this point。The Jing family can be regarded as the ancestors,To be able to produce such a talented but unpretentious,otherwise,Xie Yunchu learned about Pei Huan’s side,May not be willing to let him stay in Xie’s academy。
When things happened to Pei Huan,,Xie Yunchu told her,Won’t give up Jinghui。Explained a lot of reasons to her,Baby Ou understands。
After Jinghui hung up the phone,,Baby Ou speaks directly,“I told you before,Jing family will use Jinghui,Drag your house into the water。You told me,Won’t give up Jinghui。But you look now,Your plan,The value of Jinghui,Jing family knows better than you,Otherwise, I won’t be stuck with Jinghui。This is thinking,Drag Jing back into the water together,If something happens,Xie’s home for Jing,I’ll catch Jing’s home.”
Xie Yunchu’s face is very ugly,“I will let people snatch Jinghui out。”