Peng Changyi said puzzledly:“He should understand my work ability,Maybe I will make Jin’an a banner of national environmental protection?”

Wang Jiadong says:“Do not worry,Work under a leader who doesn’t want to see you,You just broke your waist,Won’t be brilliant。”
Peng Changyi nodded,Said:“Right。”
Wang Jiadong continued:“When he saw you in the Standing Committee Building,There is the idea of reusing you,I said this reuse,Is the reuse of quotes,Not really want to reuse you。You go to Minister Fan,He doesn’t think you want the old leader,He might think you are going to be an official,You leapfrog,Can he not be jealous?Come back to the municipal party committee and suggest you go to the Environmental Protection Bureau,Plus the status quo of the Environmental Protection Agency,Plus there is a puppet secretary,It’s settled。Even if Minister Fan wants to give you an official hat,But the Jinan Municipal Party Committee said,We have used or reused this cadre,Minister Fan has power again,He also has to take care of the emotions below,What can you say about him?Moreover,Lao Fan is not the one who does not speak principles,He asked you to study in the party school,It should be said that it is also thoughtful、The result that all aspects are considered。So I said your kid is too lucky,Catch up with such a learning task above。This time you just talk about Lao Fan,Without him,Maybe you already went to work in the Environmental Protection Agency。”
Peng Changyi is not happy,Said:“But after learning,I still have to go back to Kangzhou,If people insist on giving Zhu Guoqing a seat,I still want to make it?”Peng Changyi said puzzledly。
Wang Jiadong says:“Is it possible,Even very likely,But you won a year,Moreover,The middle and youth class of the Central Party School,That is the cradle for cultivating leading cadres above the deputy ministerial level,Where do you come out,But it’s different,You are in the cadre file of the Organization Department of the Provincial Party Committee,There will be some weight。You can go to see the information,Find out where all the previous graduates went?Mostly up。and so,Don’t think that letting you go to the party school is being excluded,Maybe Jin’an is so unhappy?Otherwise, I won’t notify you when things happen?Silly boy。”
Peng Changyi smiled,Say:“Will Minister Fan be criticized??”
Wang Jiadong said confidently:“Will not,Jinan,You are the only person eligible to go to the party school,Of course, I don’t know how many people in the province are qualified,But Lao Fan knows。”
Peng Changyi suddenly understood,The result after understanding is that the back is soaked……
Early next morning,Peng Changyi who laid down his thoughts,Get in Old Gu’s car,Easy on the road,He is determined to be in this year,Cherish this rare learning time,Really let myself mention promotion here……
Just as Peng Changyi was worrying about the gains and losses of going to the party school,Lang Zhu’s Jiang Fan and Ding Yi are full of joy and expectation。
Today is the weekend,According to Jiang Fan’s plan,There are two things they want to accomplish today,One is to register marriage,The second is to congratulate the parents of both parties。
This is also the result of discussions between Jiang Fan and the parents of both parties。Originally, they didn’t want to make a big deal,I just want to invite a few people on a small scale,But recently the city’s demolition work has entered a critical moment,All kinds of work have been rolled out,Plus Ding Naixiang’s plane on Thursday afternoon,So after Jiang Fan discussed with Ding Yi and Ding’s father,Decide on the day of receipt,Parents from both sides celebrate together,Have a meal,Even if they are married,As for whether they will treat another guest in the future,How wide will it be,They will deal with it at their discretion。
in fact,yesterday afternoon,Jiang Fan sent someone to Beijing to pick up Lang Zhu with his parents and sister family,After dinner yesterday,Jiang Fan’s parents and sister visited Ding’s house。
Before heading to Ding’s house,Sister thinks brother’s wedding room is too simple,With brother-in-law,I arranged my brother’s room。
When I first walked into brother’s room,My sister said to mom with red eyes:“Brother’s wedding room is too simple……”
Of course the mother loves her son,She sighed and said:“They are busy,Also don’t want to be extravagant。”
Dad Jiang spoke:“He is a leading cadre,Your own wedding has to be simple,Moreover,It’s not easy to think,He has no time complexity。It was easier when I married your mother,A bicycle brought your mother home,Your brother can have this very good condition,Besides, this house is not his own,I think it’s very good,Large room,Everything,Whether it is working or living at home,Can be satisfied,Very good。”