“Yes,You several together,Not enough for a tiger to stuff his teeth,Ha ha。”

Qin Liang replied casually。
“Brother-in-law, you’re talking nonsense again!This is in the zoo!If the tigers in the zoo can eat people at will,Then who would dare to come to the zoo to play??Qiaoer,Xiner,Don’t listen to brother-in-law,He deliberately scared you two。”
Liu Xiaoyun easily exposed Qin Liang’s alarmist talk。
“I’m talking nonsense?Row,If the tiger eats you at that moment,Don’t you cry!Don’t call help!”
Qin Liang answered eagerly,Of course he knew that these few words of his own could not scare Liu Xiaoyun,He didn’t expect to scare her,As long as it can scare Li Qiao’er and Li Yaxin……
“cut,The tiger ate me,I cried a woolen thread,Crying in the tiger’s belly?”
Liu Xiaoyun replied nonchalantly。
Qin Liang was not talking,Just watching Liu Xiaoyun smile and shook his head,Liu Xiaoyun saw the expression on Qin Liang’s face,Guessed Qin Liang should have something to say but didn’t say it,But there are too many people around,So she didn’t ask again,I don’t speak anymore even if I don’t know。
“Liger Mountain”Actually you have to buy a separate ticket to get in!This makes Shen’s sisters have a lot of opinions,But now that I’m here at the zoo,How can you not take a look“King of beasts”with“King of the Prairie”What?What a pity if you don’t watch it!So there are opinions,Qin Liang still bought the tickets for everyone,Then took the girls into the Liger Pavilion。
“It smells so big here!”
Just walked into the Liger Pavilion,Shen Ruoxue frowned and complained bitterly。
“Tell you a common sense:This big beast,The smell on my body is very heavy。”
Qin Liang smiled and explained a few words to Shen Ruoxue。