Maybe it was touched by this scene,Cheering for Qingyang Yigao soon rang from the stands,And the sound is getting louder。

“do not give up,Qingyang Yigao!”
“Just score one more goal!Lead again!”
“Qingyang Yigao, come on!Good job!”
Shouts like this sounded from all sides of the stands。
Li Jing who saw this scene off the court,I got up and turned to look at the fans in the stands who were waving and shouting at them,Almost crying——This is the football he loves,That’s why he would rather sit on the bench rather than give up and persevere.!
Because we face adversity,Never surrender!
Because we were knocked down again and again,But always stand up tenaciously!
Tian Xingjian,The gentleman strives for self-improvement,The final victory must belong to us, Qingyang Yigao, who does not abandon or give up!
“Fuck me,Exaggerated!”Chu Yifan’s roommate looked back at the stand behind him,He heard the place closer,Someone even shouted“Ganfan Dongchuan Middle School”Slogan,It seems to have an antagonism with Dongchuan Middle School,I don’t know if this person graduated from Jiaxiang High School before……
“Isn’t it neutral??How do you feel that Da Chu, your alma mater has become a villain?”
Chu Yifan shook his head:“The villain is the villain,As long as you can win,How about being a villain?”
“Is not,I am worried that the fans support Qingyang Yigao so one-sidedly,Will it cause trouble to your students?,Such as causing excessive psychological pressure……”
Heard my roommate say that,Chu Yifan laughed instead:“I don’t think so,Their psychological quality is stronger than we thought。Especially Hu Lai。”