There are also Chinese fans who ran to question them angrily:South Korean team insulted Chinese football,Is tantamount to insulting China!

The other party answered with confidence:Do not,Chinese football cannot represent China,They are not qualified to put a five-star red flag on their chests!
Chinese fans will be choked to speech。
Because Chinese football has really disappointed too many times in the past few decades,It did leave them too much handle for ridicule。
These historical accounts,You have to pay back。
Chapter Ninety Nine New enemies
On the way from China to South Korea,Hu Lai takes advantage of the opportunity to wait in the waiting room,Checked the history of Korean football online。
Then I discovered that although many things about football in this time and space and that time and space are different,It can even be said to be a big change,But there are always things that actually change no matter how,The essential core is still the same。
For example, football is still the world’s number one sport in this world,The professionalization of European football is indeed better than that of the Phila region,The reputation of Chinese football is still bad,Korean sports are always shameless。
These are closely related to their country’s political and economic level and national character。
European countries as the base camp of established capitalist powers,First to develop football,The most developed economy,So professionalism comes first,The best development so far is also reasonable。After all, they were playing a national league、At the three European Cups,The rest of the world is full of holes,It’s a waste。
The shamelessness of the Korean sports industry has a lot to do with their own national character。
After all, Korea itself is a small country,Has long been a vassal state of China and Japan in history,Bowed to the emperors of China and Japan。But since modern times,Because of the rapid economic rise,Become a developed country。
Strong economic power and unbearable history,Together they have shaped the extreme and distorted national character of Koreans。They can develop their own country’s economy,And only buy domestic products,Use real money to turn your country’s companies into international chaebols。Mentioned with those in China“patriotic”“Domestic products”Make them sick until they can’t eat for three days and nights. Rational consumers are completely different.。
But they are on the battlefield of the peaceful age of sports,But it can be based on the same national character to win by unscrupulous means。
Whether it is football,Or other sports,As long as Koreans have an advantage,May compete for gold and silver,Are indispensable for their various outside tricks。