Chen Hao saw Qin Liang approach,The round face turned red immediately,Heartbeat:“Uh,I will clean up and leave。”

Looking at the shy Chen Hao,Qin Liang couldn’t help but feel bad,He deliberately approached Chen Hao,He also put his arm around Chen Hao’s waist,Blew into Chen Hao’s ears,Said:“Chen Zhu,Why haven’t seen you go to the gym recently?,Don’t plan to work out,This can’t work,Fitness must be persistent。”Talking,Qin Liang’s big hand,Just started swimming around Chen Hao’s waist。
Make Chen Hao tremble,Pushing Qin Liang away shyly,Lower your head and say:“Qin Liang,do not do that,If others see it,In case Mr. Shen knows,That’s even worse。This time the fifth anniversary celebration banquet,Mr. Shen takes it very seriously,You must prepare well,Otherwise, Mr. Shen will start a fire,No one can keep you。”
Qin Liang shrugged,Said with a relaxed face:“Thanks for reminding,Do not worry,I’ll give you a big surprise then。”
Chen Hao nodded,Turn around and want to leave,But she gritted her teeth,Turned around and said to Qin Liang:“If you don’t understand something,You can also come to me,anytime is fine,Last anniversary,I also participated,Should be able to give you some advice。”He blushed and left the meeting room。
I can find you anytime,I went,Aren’t you tempting me。Qin Liang smiled bitterly,Ugh,This is difficult。
Qin Liang smiled,Stop thinking about these messy things,He flipped through the plan of the group company’s 5th anniversary celebration banquet,After reading it again,Bowed his head and thought for a while。
It seems that I have to trouble my cousin,He is best at this kind of thing,Qin Liang remembered that his cousin’s husband had also participated in large-scale events organized by his family’s company before,His father is full of praise,I said my cousin is good,Want him to study hard。
Qin Liang picked up the phone,Called his cousin’s husband Xiao Huahan,As soon as the phone was connected, Xiao Huahan’s charming voice came,Qin Liang got goose bumps,But I have to listen。
“Yo,Liangliang,You are finally willing to call someone,I want to kill you。Do you miss others?。”
Qin Liang was speechless for a while,Quickly perfunctory,So it’s straight to the point,If I let my cousin continue like this,,He is really going to the bathroom to throw up。
“Cousin,Ruoxi’s company is going to hold the 5th anniversary celebration banquet,She values,She gave me this task,I don’t know these,So i want you to help me,Help me out,Wait for you to send someone over to get the plan。”
“Liangliang,Why don’t you bring it here yourself,I blame you for missing you,Want to see you。”Xiao Huahan’s charming voice came again on the phone。
Qin Liang said quickly:“Uh,Tonight is Ruoxi’s birthday,I have to prepare for other things,correct,And I also ask you to help me。”
Qin Liang told Xiao Huahan about his plan,Make Xiao Huahan on the phone,Head applause,I immediately agreed to Qin Liang’s request,The only price is that Qin Liang takes time to accompany him shopping,Qin Liang can’t help it,Demanding,I can only agree to it first。