“What are you doing?What’s wrong?I don’t have anything you are interested in here!”

Zhuang Yong immediately pretended to reach out to block,When I saw my baby girl,His mood improved immediately,All the anxiety,The entanglement seems to disappear immediately。
“I can’t inspect work?Really。”
The little dish coquettishly said。
“OK,Now there is someone behind me,These words are different,Are starting to inspect dad’s work?”
Zhuang Yong began to lead the topic to Qin Liang……
“Yes,Miss, this is to familiarize yourself with the workflow,Take charge of her own home from now on,Anyway, time is coming soon,So I have to hurry up for an internship,Exercise。”
Zhuang Hai immediately played the side drum。
“What are you two talking nonsense……I do not understand!”
Fluttershy’s little face started to flush,Deliberately say indifferently。
“Good,you do not understand,Hahahaha……”
Zhuang Yong laughed happily,In his eyes,Fluttershy is always so naughty and lively,Simple and cute。
“Call me back for dinner,Is there something particularly delicious today??”
Fluttershy started to change the subject。
“What do you want to eat,What will I do for you at home,Ugh……I don’t know how many more meals I can have with you,I’m afraid it will be hard for me to see you in the future……”
Zhuang Yong was half-truth and sad。
“Dad……what are you talking about。”
Fluttershy didn’t know why。
“you have grown up,Maybe marry soon,Then you have your own home,Dad naturally finds it hard to be like this again,See you if you want to see you,I want to eat with you。”
Zhuang Yong brought the topic back again。