There are a lot of people gathered in front of each other,It doesn’t look like there was a traffic accident,So Shen Ruoxue walked a short distance forward,Finally see what happened before……

There are two groups of people fighting here!
Shen Ruoxue probably took a look,At least twenty people are fighting,But she can’t tell how many people are on each side。
Shen Ruoxue hesitated,Turn around and walk back,Then he took out his cell phone and called Yanzi……
“What’s the situation??Was there a car accident??”
Saw Shen Ruoxue back in the car,Liu Xiaoyun asked curiously。
“Is not……Two gangs fighting,I already called Sister Yanzi,They will be there soon。”
Shen Ruoxue answered,Then turned around and said to Shen Ruoxi who was sitting behind:
“Old sister,Call Yang Shiyun to the police,More than 20 people are fighting。”
Shen Ruoxi knew something was wrong,So I focused,Listen to what Shen Ruoxue said,Hurriedly took out the phone,Called Yang Shiyun。
Because of the short distance,Fifteen minutes later,The two black commercial vehicles carried by the special forces of the Rose Army have arrived on the scene。
The door opened,The heavily armed special town team rushed down!at this time,Liu Xiaoyun also drove the car to the front。
“Old sister,Don’t get down while you stay in the car。”