Yang Shiyun said with a wry smile。

“That’s also……We have to calculate the time,Don’t let that girl suffer!”
Meizi nodded and said。
“Have you thought of a question?……The girl who came in a while,Not necessarily a good girl……”
Liu Xiaoyun suddenly whispered。
Liu Xiaoyun finished these words,Yang Shiyun and Mei Zi don’t know how to answer,this problem,It is indeed possible。
“I just remembered it suddenly,Just say so casually,You don’t have to care,Maybe a good girl。”
Liu Xiaoyun found that what she said just now,Saying that Yang Shiyun and Meizi are embarrassed,So he hurried back to find supplements。
“Don’t you care about her?……Our purpose today,Is to catch those three old guys,Revenge for you,Ha ha。”
Yang Shiyun said deliberately。
“I know who is going to catch!”