Qin Youqi asked。

Now Xiaoyu is not only speechless,My face turned red,I don’t know what to do。
“It’s okay,I just asked casually,Don’t be nervous。”
Qin good awkwardness,I didn’t expect it to be such a simple question,Can ask this little girl like this。
“brother,I’ll go down first,See you later。”
Xiaoyu finished,Turned around and ran downstairs,Her panic was clearly manifested,Qin Liang can clearly feel。
“How could this be……”
Qin Liang feels a little confused,Xiaoyu should be lively at this age,Naughty and cute,Just like Shen Ruoxue and Liu Xiaoyun back then,But there is no youthful breath of a young girl in her,She feels like a frightened kitten,Always looks trembling。
The bedroom door opened,Hula la, come out a large group of little girls,Interrupted Liu Liang’s thinking。
The girls greeted Qin Liang one after another,Qin Liang responded to them with a smile,Wait until everyone is downstairs,He just walked into Shen Ruoxi’s bedroom。
“Why did you dry your clothes for so long?Sister Shanshan and I thought you fell off the balcony。”
Shen Ruoxi laughed and teased Qin Liang。